Transition Morecambe

Transition Town Morecambe is a dynamic, community-led charity that is strengthening the local economy, reducing the cost of living and preparing for a future with less oil and a changing climate. Anyone can be involved, everyone is needed. People involved so far are wide ranging in backgrounds, ages and experiences. Why not join in with any of our projects and groups? Various theme groups and projects are under way, but there is always so much more to be done. Our core purpose is to mobilise and facilitate community action in order to respond effectively and positively to climate change and peak oil. We do this by: - Raising awareness in the Morecambe area to the issues of climate change and peak oil. - Providing a framework for an effective response to climate change and peak oil, including facilitating the creation of an Energy Descent Plan. - Working with people and groups already engaged with these issues. - Empowering people in the Morecambe area to respond positively to climate change and peak oil. We do this because a world using less energy and resources will be more resilient, more abundant and more pleasurable than at present. How we work These are the principles that guide the way Transition Morecambe works. These are continuing to develop and evolve: - We work together because we know that together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We work in a collaborative way because we get better results for less effort. - We don’t need permission to act. There is no hierarchy. Individuals in Transition Morecambe take responsibility for their own decisions, actions and results. Responsibility and leadership for Transition Morecambe are also shared by everyone. - We trust that those who step forward have good intentions and will make good decisions. We give autonomy and support to those who wish to be part of Transition Morecambe. - We are accountable to ourselves and to each other in keeping with the Transition Morecambe purpose and principles. - We are transparent in everything we do. - We don’t have a blueprint. We believe in multiple paths, ideas and possibilities. We think questions are as important as answers. It’s fine to make mistakes and learn from them.

Transition Social Enterprise

These aspirational criteria help define what is meant by a Transition Enterprise (TE). We think this definition is useful because it helps us clarify the kind of trading enterprises we would like to see, as they best support the wider aims of Transition. It can also help us decide where we might first direct our limited resources, in terms of support.

People’s Food Garden Award

Here’s a great story about the power of just doing stuff, from Crystal Palace in London. Crystal Palace Transition Town (CPTT) have recently won the People’s Food Garden Award in the Capital Growth Grow For Gold awards late last year.The original idea came from Rachel DeThample, who kicked the project off after she told her husband that she wanted to leave London and move to Dorset to grow food. Unfortunately, her husband was having none of it so instead she set herself the challenge to grow her family’s Christmas dinner within London.

Transition Plans for Energy Descent

Nobody can really tell you with any certainty how rapidly oil production will decline once we pass the peak. We clearly need some kind of action plan to proactively respond to a world where oil is no longer cheap and plentiful, and where we can ill afford to continue to spew out carbon dioxide without regard for the how our climate will change.